Why Do Runners Wear Compression Pants

Popular men'c compression tightsCompression garments have become quite popular with fitness conscious people. In fact every sports good store these days stocks up on stretchy and durable compression pants. Workouts are considered incomplete if you don’t wear your compression gear.

Compression pants at first were used to help patients suffering from osteoporosis or those who underwent surgery for added support. These garments came to light a few decades earlier and were considered to give support while performing strenuous exercises as well.

Read on to see some of the benefits of wearing compression pants

The Benefits

According to medical experts compression clothing can help

Studies Conducted on the Benefits of Compression Clothing

Compression running wearOver the past few years several small studies have been carried on the effect of compression gear on a male athlete’s performance.

In a study conducted in Australia in 2011 it was noted that runners who wore compression garments had an increased blood flow. This improved their oxygen consumption. However the clothing didn’t have a great deal of benefit on their actual running performance.

A similar study was carried out on male Rugby players in Australia, those who wore compression pants were seen to have a lower heart rate and lower production of lactic acid in the muscles. Lactic acid is responsible for that tired, achy feeling in your legs or arms after a workout. It was found that these compression tights for males considerably improved their performance.

Likewise in a study conducted in a college at Los Angeles it was observed that sprinters who wore compression shorts could jump higher than their peers who didn’t. They could jump without feeling a great deal of exertion.

However there have also been studies which don’t actually point towards the concrete benefits of wearing compression pants. According to research carried out in Germany it was decided that the results were pretty inconsistent. This was attributed to the fact that compression clothing which had been studied was of different types and variety. Some compression clothing benefitted athletes more than the others.

The Low down on Compression Wear Clothing

Despite the fact that a few studies might have come up with inconsistent results there are many who swear by the effectiveness of compression pants. Most athletes are of the opinion that the right kind of compression pants could offer greater support and reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. Low lactic acid means enhanced athletic performance and low post exercise trauma.

Another great benefit of wearing these compression garments is that they prevent chafing of the skin due to excessive activity.

All in all compression pants can be a good investment especially if you are really in to fitness or extreme sports. For more information on high quality compression pants make sure to visit the following compression wear company. They have the finest collection of compression gear which is designed to look and feel great!