The Perth GESB

A Financial Thunderstorm of Resources

The GESB or the Government Employees Superannuation Board is located in Perth, VIC and offers a vast array of financial options after over seventy-five years of experience and services. This particular Australian based superannuation takes regular payments from government employees towards their pensions and retirements to create a solid foundation for their Perth administration workers. The GESB board of directors manages upwards of twenty-two billion in funds as of this year and is expected to increase with the rise of employment over the next couple of years. The board is filled with seven seats of qualified individuals that continue to build the superannuation to fit the needs of their members, employers and advisors.

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This financial authority offers services to members, employers and advisors to build a monetary thunderstorm of amenities to the Australian government employees. To better help the government employee members of the GESB, they offer:

  1. Brochures
  2. An online account
  3. Seminars
  4. Webinars
  5. Fact sheets

These are readily available on the GESB website as well as a ton of help guides and advising as well. Covering all their bases, the superannuation is well rounded and covers all bases when it comes to helping their members. They even allow their members to contact them directly through the phone, fax, and mail.

The GESB offers Perth government employer’s resources as well, much like their members with an online account to help prioritize their assets, seminars, and brochures. GESB advisors are given many resources as well. They consist of three separate sections that include:

  1. GESB Super
  2. Premium GESB West State Super Funds and options
  3. Gold State Super

Each division is given different financial options such as untaxed or taxed, financial long-term investment returns, and other benefits, which furthers their coverage of services. This creates multiple options that fit the individual needs of the community. The GESB Super offers taxed option directly connected to the financial market that creates a foundation for stable long-term returns on investments. The West State Super, on the other hand, is untaxed but still offers the same commitment to market-linked stable long-term returns. Much like the West State Super, the Gold State Super is also untaxed. This section is offered to the public sectors and is determined with a formula, which is beneficial because it offers a fixed return on individual investments.

In conclusion, the GESB is a solid and sound institution of financial benefits that offer an array of available options and resources to build a better environment for Perth government employees. Members, employees, and advisors also have the option to contact the GESB anytime using the contact us link at the top right of their website. They offer services to members, employees, and advisors as they are directly involved with the GESB. Each offer of services is built to fit individual needs. This superannuation depicts a solid financial institution that is a pillar of the Perth community and an amazing option for government employees. The GESB is a wonderful incentive even to begin working as an employee for the Perth administration.

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