Joondalup Resort: The Best Accommodation in WA

Beach Resort Hotels in Western Australia

When it comes to beach holidays in Western Australia (WA), almost instantly people picture walking out of their room and onto the beach. Then they see the cost of a beautiful beach side hotel. Plus the extra cost of staying in a room that faces the beach. Cost may not be a factor, but you still want the right location.

The question is, will you sit on the balcony and stare at the view, or will you run into the beach for an early morning swim or to cool off every day?

Beach holidays can be budget or luxury, but no matter which you choose, make sure it’s perfect for you.

There are so many beaches across the world that choosing a beach holiday destination in Western Australia can be a tough one. Some accommodation is set literally on top of the water, whilst some is overlooking the beach, others on an island, and some only a small walk away from the water. But without any doubt this is one of the best hotels in offer in WA.

Here are some things to help you narrow down your search:

Hotels further from the beach may offer better views, but closer to the beach may allow you to walk straight out of your room and onto the sand. Are you a beach swimmer or do you prefer to watch the sunset over the water? There’s no point in paying for something you won’t use. The motel has a very nice swimming pool that is popular with its guests.

There are many different types of beaches. Sandy beaches, Rocky beaches, Swimming beaches, Surfing beaches, Fishing beaches even Nudist beaches. You may be more comfortable with some than others.

Remember that beaches have thousands of visitors and can become a mess. Some are kept clean by local councils or organisations and some are not. If you want to lie on the sand and sun-bake then choose one that is taken care of so you’re less likely to step on something unsanitary. By far one of the most popular beaches in WA is Sorrento beach and this hotel offers great Sorrento accommodation packages for couples and families.

If you’re taking the kids on a holiday and they’re bringing along boogy boards or just want to swim, it’s best to head to a beach with Lifeguards watching, who have mapped out the area for the day and setup flags for the safe area.

In some places they are few and far between. If you’re bringing your furry friend along then definitely look for a dog friendly beach, they will have certain times when the dogs are allowed on the beach and off the leash. Not all beaches are dog friendly so do your research, those that are should be listed on local council websites and will have signs at entrances letting you know the regulations.

If you’re not a dog person then beware of these beaches and times, as you may not want to sunbake whilst surrounded by dogs.

The bonus of Resorts is that they will most likely allow you to have a Private beachfront (private to the resort), so you aren’t sharing the beach with 100 strangers, and it’s nicely secluded.

Hotels being built up may offer you better beach views, particularly if you’re on a higher level, but they do charge more for a room with a beach view, and rightly so as it is in demand.

Beach Hotels and Resorts are not a new thing, and beaches in general being one of the most popular hotel destinations means that some of the accommodations can be quite dated. Make sure you look for photos of the rooms, or ask how recently the rooms were renovated. Some people mind, some don’t.

Of course the closer you stay to the water, and the better your view, means the cost goes right up. Sometimes it’s much more of an adventure to trek down to the local beach, or maybe you just want to open your room doors up onto the ocean.

Just remember that you will pay for the location, the views, and the quality of the local beach.