How to choose bike racks for cars

Are you interested in choosing bike racks for your cars? If you don’t have a van to pile bikes, then choosing bike racks for cars will remain a notable option, because you would need to transport them with your vehicle.

bikerack for cars

Types of bike racks

If you browse through the internet, you will discover that there are so many bike racks out there. So, it is left for you to choose the one that would be suitable to your need. To consider the right one for you, here are few things you should check:

Bikes are available in various sizes, styles and weight too. These are factors you should really be looking forward to when you are selecting the right bike rack for cars. Also, while doing so, you should know if the rack will serve your needs. Also, you should check the storage space it will take.

When we talk about types of bike racks, we have two essential types, namely:

Let us explain them one after the other.

Tow bar mounted

This is usually more expensive than other available bikes out there. But people prefer to use them because they have high quality and better load-carrying capacities. Users can lock the bike with a standard chain or U-lock.

As a basic rule with almost all products, the more features a product have, the more it costs. Tow bar mounted bike racks comes with clever designs and amazing features. If your car doesn’t have a tow bar, then having one is very necessary.



Now, let us talk about another interesting type of bike rack.

Roof-mounted bike racks

If it is possible for you to put a roof rack to your vehicle, then it is necessary to insert roof-mounted bike rack. Usually, some cars can take about four bikes or more.

Your car should have adjustable arms which can accommodate the frame successfully. This will considerably reduce the possibility of the bike getting lost.



Strap-mounted bike rack

This is a unique bike rack that is mounted on straps- it is being held in your car by a bunch of straps which hook the tailgate, hatchback and your vehicle’s boot. This rack can be adjusted. Most people are uncomfortable with this type of rack because they can be stolen easily.



If you are looking to purchase bike racks in Australia then ensure you are researching the best available. Also make sure that you get the correct towbar wirings for your vehicle.