Everything You Need To Know About Gear Motors

MCCEHave you ever found yourself wondering what a gear motor is? Do not worry. You certainly are in good company. Many people are completely unaware of what a gear motor is, what it does or how it works. Whether you are just curious, or you need to know in order to work on a project, we have the basics laid out here to get you started.

What Is A Geared Motor?

According to Melbourne Machinery a geared motor is a type of motor that uses both gears (or a gearbox) as well as using an electric motor. It combines these two elements in order to provide more efficiency to a motor that needs to work with a gear reducer system. By combining the two in a certain way, it makes the whole system easier to mount and install. For some machines, simple is not always better but by simplifying this process it saves a lot of money and time due to assembly and issues that would be caused by the kind of system that has them working separately.

The main idea of a gear motor is to generate a high-efficiency automated motion that is regulated. Gear motors are able to achieve some pretty incredible things just by working with a small electric motor and using it to produce a significant amount of force and leverage.


What Are Gear Motors Used For?  

Gear motors can have various applications and can be used for quite a few different things depending on their size and the needs of the project.

Types Of Gear Motors

There are AC geared motors that are used in steady rate devices and generally fixed-speed types of motors that offer only small ranges of control but are very steady and reliable.

There are also DC powered gear motors that have more of an adjustable speed and tend to be able to work faster. Something called gear reduction happens with these types of motors. This action is when speed is reduced in order to increase the torque for the vehicle.

Based on the specific needs of the vehicle, the gears can be made in many different forms in order to cater to those needs. When looking for a gear motor to suit your needs, you can go through what you might consider a similar process to how you might order a pizza with the toppings you want. You can combine different kinds of gearboxes with different kinds of gear motors in order to get the desired efficiency, horsepower, noise, speed torque and other factors that go into gear motors.