Australia Mathematics Curriculum

Student performing maths on ChalkboardMathematics is a complex subject in Australia; it is very much evident almost in all the courses done in Australia.

Mathematics education varies from states to states; each state applies mathematical education in the way that suits them.

New South Wales

Education in New South Wales contains a wide range of mathematical courses. This mathematical education is offered for certain reasons. Four courses offered for Higher Educational Certificate board include:

Schoolboy Struggling with MathsVictorian Certificate of Education

Mathematics is offered to these students for their integral and mental developments, to develop their abilities and aptitudes. Four courses provided for this study include:


In Queensland, mathematical curriculum is divided into three categories namely; Mathematics A, Mathematics B, and Mathematics C. We shall discuss each of them:

Mathematics A

This is the simplest of all the three; it is aimed at teaching students the core value of mathematics to humanity. Students can apply the principles learnt here to other facets of life like recreational and business activities.

Assessment in this subject includes summative, formative, practical work and assignment. Mathematics A is a pre-requisite for entering into other tertiary institutions, to find out more check out the following Australian Curriculum maths website. Australian curriculum maths is popular because the studies one can learn here include data analysis, applied geometry, managing money, land measurement, statistics, navigation etc.

Mathematics B

This subject is harder than the first one. In some schools, students study this same course with Maths A or Maths C, but not studying both at the same time.

The topic of this complex mathematics gives students a perfect understanding of principles and methods of mathematics- these methods and principles can be perfectly applied to concrete life situations and mathematical contexts.

The courses one can learn in this subject include periodic functions, applied statistics, functions ( absolute value, quadratic and linear), exploring data / statistics, indices, integral calculus, integration, log and exponential functions, optimization using derivatives, applied statistical analysis, differential calculus and logarithms.

Mathematics C

This is the hardest of the three. This study exposes students to the complex methods and principles of mathematics as well as the capacity to analyze them in concrete life situations. The skills students can learn in here would be found in economic and business degrees. A great way to establish your child’s knowledge of the mathematics curriculum is for them to study it further at home. Visit the following mental maths online store. Mental maths has become accessible online and can help your child achieve outstanding results to help them succeed in their education.

This course is divided into different segments such as structures & patterns, vectors, matrices, real & complex numbers, dynamics, option 1 & 11 etc.